What lets us shine? Bold moves.

Yesterday at 5:15, we welcomed Melanie Goldsmith to the studio – Co-founder and Managing Director of SMITH & SINCLAIR. 


Smith & Sinclair is three year old startup that has rapidly grown. They produce a range of adult-friendly sweets from alcoholic gummies to sorbet dippers made with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, prosecco – you name it. They mix the alcohol with other flavourings to create solid, sweet spheres.

Most of the time, alcohol has never been free from regulations of ‘liquid’. It requires certain packaging to hold it, that does not leak. This is something that challenges that assumption. By holding it within a gummy format, it will never be leaking, nor does it require any packaging. You’re free to take it on an aeroplane; it can be a sweet amuse bouche; you can also produce it as a sample and share it widely. And more importantly, who doesn’t like sweets?


The face looks familiar? It’s called ‘Trump Sucks’.

This pop went viral extremely quickly – S&S received a massive amount of orders within 2 days – along with a massive amount of criticism from those who weren’t very happy with this ‘sucks’. That aside- Trump Sucks is very well designed, and a great pun!

Smith & Sinclair also creat their own experiences.


They’re expanding their expertise into fun, immersive & unique moments! From bespoke cocktail bars, bespoke experiences, edible bubbles(!), edible vapour orbs(!!), Gin experiences(!!!), and sherbet walls (check the video).  You can see the full list here.


S&S is very open mind, fun-pursuing company, and so was Mel. They truly believed in the potential of alcohol pops and gummies and never let it go even when facing an extreme amount of stress and the unknown. It came from simple beginnings – it was made for a dating event she ran –  and became something so much bigger.

Smith & Sinclair is now on track to make £1.2m in revenue this year and planning to expand its business in America.


When you have a limited amount of gummy samples… me me me!




The gummies themselves are nice and sweet and, unbelievably one gummy only contains 40-50 kcal! It’s hard to taste the alcohol straight away, but you can taste it afterwards. You’ll feel a bit of the effects of the alcohol after consuming 6-7 of them. What a great pre-drink!

Smith & Sinclair never imagined they would grow this big – but once they realised they had a chance, they simply just did not let it go! All you have to do is try it first, whatever it takes, because if it feels right, and you believe it – when you’re completely honest and love what you’re doing, not surprisingly, people around you see that passion and energy and start believing in it as well.

Is it something that you have always wanted to do? You have an idea and you want it to go viral, and want to be a successful person? If you truly believe it – before considering every single thing that could go wrong – jump on that seat on the rocket! The worst scenario is to think ‘I should have done that when I had a chance’.

Thanks to Mel for a truly inspiring and fun 5:15.