On 22nd February 2018, Hyuna Lee -2D junior designer- have presented her very own thoughts and opinions on the future of retail. Since she is the beast from the east (Asia), she was able to share some of the extraordinary big retail things that are happening in South Korea, as well as China. 

She categorized the future of retail in threefold- Instant, Immersive & Big Data.


Instant (store, experience) covers cashier-free convenient store such as Amazon Go, Bingobox, which is the ultimate version of ‘Grab something quick’- in a most convenient way possible.


Once it gets ultimately convenient, you can’t go back to when you didn’t know that you could just walk out. Like the way, Netflix puts ‘skip intro’ button, and now you can’t live without. Interesting enough, Netflix is doing artwork personalization. The Netflix tech blog explains what they’re doing with the artwork(thumbnail).

She also explained about the mobile payment phenomenon in China. QR code is now the essential thing for everyday lives in China. See the mind-blowing examples of use.

When it gets ‘Immersive’, she introduced a couple of mind-blowing brand retail examples, such as Espoir, innovative cosmetic brand in South Korea.

Credit card company, Hyundai Card offers completely different scales of immersive experiences to members. The video below is one of the Hyundai card Library called Cooking library.



Understage is also a must-visit. But those places are only available for Hyundai card members.



Hyundai Card invites world-class artist to Korea, and tickets are only available for Hyundai card members. The video below is Hyundai Card Super Concert Announcement.



And the last one of Future of retail is Big Data.
Tmall store in China can explain how the big data can be used wisely.



Market Kurly, online grocery store, delivers fresh grocery from 7am if you place an order until 11pm the day before. How do they take care of their fresh food leftovers? Well, they don’t have to. Because it is almost none.

Because we’re in the present, we can’t see the future. But we can see the past, and we know the way we thought about the future in the past. Genuine future always stays near without noticing. Like, once your parents add you on Snapchat, you’ll look for another platform to move on.

We always look at the present and the world is changing so quickly. And actually, it’s always been quick. Something that we thought for granted, is not familiar with the new generation. I wrapped up 515 by saying ‘The future of retail is now if we see the future differently.” Oops. Did I say I? 

I always wanted to talk and share about things that you can hardly aware since there are not many platforms you can access. With this 515- I shared loads of retail things happening in Asia. And from now, I’ll regularly share it on the email- Future Friday-.

Thank you so much, Aileen to let me write this posting (It seems longer than usual, is it..), helped me to prepare the 515.  Thank you Rosie for helping me to build structures, thank you Alessandra for a run-through before the presentation! I’m feeling so lucky x