BOLD DAY arrived once again and 2016’s was one of the best yet The day was focused around how to be the architects of Future Memories, and we definitely made a few amazing ones on the day.

Part 1 started in Regent Street Cinema where the first silent film was played in Britain. As we arrived, we were serenaded at the entrance by Dan’s amazing skills on the violin. Inside, we watched some very funny intro movies from our creative directors Al, John and Nathan on the theme of the day, and then watched some of the silent film ‘One Week’ by Buster Keaton which was accompanied by live impromptu music from organist, Richard. After some interesting flavoured interval popcorn by Joe & Seph, Georgina Mackenzie ( followed with a talk on Neuro Linguistic Programming; what the different types of memories are and how they are made, and we had a fantastic Q&A session with her about how to bring that into our work at FITCH, and how to make emotional connections by truly astonishing and fascinating your audience.

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