Fitch have recently designed the largest toy shop in the world which is located in Moscow, Russia. For this 5:15 the team were able to introduce the studio to Hamleys and tell us all about the exciting project and their trip to the new toy store.

“The largest toy shop in the world in Moscow’s Lubyanka Square stretches across 7,000 square metres and is designed as more than a retail space – it’s a destination.

‘Worlds of Play’ span two storeys, with each world mixing retail, attraction and entertainment to provide a feast for the senses; in Motor City there is a Go-Kart track: in Magic Kingdom a huge castle in which kids can play and explore.

This is a place where creativity and imagination can run free, and is set to become a leading Moscow attraction.”


There are 8 worlds in total; Magic Kingdom. Motorcity, Enchanted Forest, Space, Park 1 & 2, Safari, Metropolis and Imagination.

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A clear 3D style of graphics and illustrations were produced and applied to t-shirts, bags and other merchandise within the store. At the entrance, children can take passports from a oversized treasure chest. Each passport contains a map showing all of the worlds. Visitors can fill in their details and cross of worlds they visit.