For our 5:15 we received a visit from The Clear Idea. A company that provides transparent promotional vehicles and bespoke event platforms. Their professional set designers create any concept within their spectacular transparent event platforms – from a mobile automotive showroom, to a stage, to a pop up shop, to an attractive sampling platform.

Transparent Lorry

Their product, a state of the art Clear Idea Lorry is equipped with on-scene lighting, HD sound system, airconditioning, step access, and power. In addition to The Clear Idea Lorry, they also offer The Clear Idea Box which is a mobile and transparent ‘All Weather Event Platform’. This mobile promotional unit is often the ideal solution for event marketing. Mobile and pre set up with an event concept, the box offers an eye catching premium display and peace of mind on event day.

Here below are some of their amazing concepts and projects.

Fashion Roadshow in a transparent truck Popup shop in transparent lorry Mobile Kitchen in Transparent Vehicle Roadshow Clear Lorry The_clear_idea_2 The_clear_idea_1 Cirque Du SoleilThe_clear_idea_26 The_clear_idea_3Deezer

The Clear Idea Box

idea-slide2-2idea-slide2-5The_clear_idea_22Click here to see the Disney promotion for the release of the film Frozen that was installed in Covent Garden, London.

The_clear_idea_18 The_clear_idea_23 The_clear_idea_24

To find out more about The Clear Idea click here.