EuroShop is the worlds largest retail fair where retail designers and innovators have the opportunity to showcase their work. Earlier this year FITCH was proud to showcase some of their retail work.

Duesseldorf - Messegelaende Euroshop 515-4 Euroshop 515-2 Euroshop 515-5 Euroshop 515-7 Euroshop 515-6 Euroshop 515-8

And here are just a few of the other companies and organisations who took part in EuroShop 2014.

Euroshop 515-11 Euroshop 515-12 Euroshop 515-13 Euroshop 515-14 Euroshop 515-15 Euroshop 515-16 Euroshop 515-17 Euroshop 515-18 Euroshop 515-20