PAN Studio

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What Do We Do?

PAN is an experience-production studio. We’re a group of designers, developers and engineers with interests and skills in two overlapping fields:

  1. creating stimulating experience events and installations.
  2. designing user-centric products, systems and services that are intuitive, effective and rewarding to interact with.

The Rationale

We want to fuel an ongoing discussion on the relevance of experience in design.

We believe everyone should be able to live the most enriching life possible, and should have an understanding of the value in first-hand knowledge. We propose that to live, not just subsist, should be our collective raison d’etre.

To this end we want to explore the relationship between design, the arts, education, entertainment, leisure, philosophy, psychology, developing technologies and culture to help make lives richer, more varied and more rewarding.

If we can really, critically understand the way people’s emotional, sensational and intellectual needs are changing (due in part to the catalytic effects of emerging technology) then we can approach issues that are currently affecting society, and will effect it in the near future.

Why are we called “PAN”?

Because it means a lot of different things (a *lot* of different things). It also means “everything”.

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