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The Calvert Journal is a daily briefing on the culture and creativity of modern Russia.

From art and film to architecture and design, avant-garde Russian culture has helped shape our view of modern life. But as a consequence of its difficult politics and history, contemporary Russia still remains unfamiliar territory to many.

Today, thanks to a rising generation of young artistic talent, Russia is in the midst of tremendous change. This is the inspiration for The Calvert Journal, a guide to creative Russia. The Journal delivers a daily briefing on art, design, film, architecture and related cultural areas, through a mix of reportage, interviews, photography and design. From our base in London, we detail the story of Russia’s contemporary culture via a network of writers and contributors stationed across its many regions and time zones.

The Calvert Journal is a project of Calvert 22 Foundation. Further development, currently in planning, involves widening the scope of the Journal beyond Russia to cover the broader region of Eastern Europe.


Bow tie maker from Vladivistok

LavkaLavka and “back-to-the-land” trend

Voronezh hyper local online magazine

Street artist from Yekaterinburg